A Little Background
Since 2009, "Shades of Poe" has been a Halloween tradition at the historic Collings-Knight Homestead in Collingswood, NJ. Our blend of entertainment and substance appeals to everyone, from avid readers and historians to people who just like to enjoy a good show.

Because of its unique arrangement, "Shades of Poe" can be adapted to almost any venue, including schools, churches, and historic sites. It can be presented in its original "house tour" format, or as a more traditional staged play. 

"Shades of Poe" brings the works of Edgar Allan Poe to life, giving insight into the author's life, works, and the time in which he lived. It is a lesson in American literature, psychology, 19th Century history, and more... all in one fascinating presentation. Teachers will find students have a stronger appreciation for literary works that they have seen and heard, rather than simply read. The performance is ideal for students of American Literature, Theater, English, Psychology, and History.

How Does It Work?
We bring the actors, the props, the scenery, and the stories. You bring the audience. 

The show consists of 6 works by Poe, performed by professional actors.  We begin with Poe's master work, "The Raven", and from there the audience is guided, by Poe himself, through the stories of 5 more spirits whose tragedies in life keep them from moving on in death.

The stories are complete- only minimal trimming for time has been made in order to maintain the integrity of Poe's language and themes.

  • The performance adapts to any space, from a multipurpose room to a fully fitted theater.
  • The performance can have pieces added or subtracted to meet your needs on time and curriculum.
  • Your students get the benefit of seeing a live theatrical performance, without the headaches of arranging transportation, permission forms, chaperons, etc.
  • Optional Q&A with the actors and the show's creator following the performance.
  • Technical packages (Sound and lights) are available to make your space work optimally.
  • We allow you to sell tickets to your assembly performance, to cover the cost of the show.
Feel free to peruse the sample videos from our 2015 production found here!

Fast Facts:
Performance running time: Approx. 45 minutes

Optional Q&A: Max 30 minutes with the actors and the show's creator

Stories included: "The Raven", "Shadow: A Parable", "The Tell-Tale Heart", "The Imp of the Perverse", "Berenice", and "The Cask of Amontillado" as well as several lines of Poe's poetry

Alternate stories: "Ligeia" and "The Black Cat"

Grades/ Curriculum: Suitable for grades 7-12. Applies to Core Curriculum Standards 1.3, 3.1, 3.4, 3.5, 6.4.F, among others.

Assembly Performance Base Price: $800*

*Adding or subtracting stories, technical options (lighting and/ or sound), and publicity materials (flyers, posters, etc) will affect base price. 
**Ticket re-selling is an option if you need to offset the cost of the production, but terms must be agreed on at the time of reservation.

To make a reservation, simply send an inquiry to Fractured Mirror Productions via email. A representative will contact you to set up an on-site meeting. 
During this meeting we will assess your space, discuss your needs, walk you through our performance, and answer any questions you may have.

If you would like more information, or to request a brochure, please reach out to us at info@fracturedmirrorproductions.com. We'll be happy to discuss options, schedule reservations, and answer any questions you may have!